class'chromedriver', port=0, chrome_options=None, service_args=None, desired_capabilities=None, service_log_path=None)[source]

Controls the ChromeDriver and allows you to drive the browser.

You will need to download the ChromeDriver executable from

Creates a new instance of the chrome driver.

Starts the service and then creates new instance of chrome driver.

Args :
  • executable_path - path to the executable. If the default is used it assumes the executable is in the $PATH
  • port - port you would like the service to run, if left as 0, a free port will be found.
  • desired_capabilities: Dictionary object with non-browser specific capabilities only, such as “proxy” or “loggingPref”.
  • chrome_options: this takes an instance of ChromeOptions

Closes the browser and shuts down the ChromeDriver executable that is started when starting the ChromeDriver


Gets the screenshot of the current window. Returns False if there is any IOError, else returns True. Use full paths in your filename.

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